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Kisi-Kisi Service Oriented Enterprise (MMSI)
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Related Learning Outcome(s)
LO 1 : Demonstrate understanding and analyzing of the service oriented modeling, service life cycle,and services components
LO 2 : Demonstrate understanding and analyzing about Service Definition, Discovery and Deployment
LO 3 : Demonstrate analyzing, Design, and Build SOA Development
LO 4 : Demonstrate and Explain about BPM architecture and BPM implementation
Introduction of Service Oriented Enteprise and Service Oriented Methodologies
Introduction and Implementation of Service Definition, Discovery and Deployment
SOA Development Process
Service Oriented Analysis and Modeling
Introduction Service Oriented Design and SOA Composition Guidelines
Service Design and Case in SOA Implementation
Introduction Business Process Management, BPM Methodologies ,BPMN
Business Process Architecture
Business Process Scoring
BPMS Architecture
Customer Data Integration (CDI)
Running Successful BPM & SOA Projects

Final Exam:
1. Jelaskan Service Oriented Analysis, Service Oriented Design, Service Oriented Modeling
2. Jelaskan UDDI dan UDDI Elements, Web Service, SOAP, XML
3. Jelaskan Enterprise Application Integration
Enterprise Application Integration
4. Gambarkan BPMN

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